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Oh boy, here I go creating again!

Welcome to my blog. This is a “Hello World” post. I’ll be updating this website with my findings, tutorials, how-to’s; whatever I can to help the community at large.

As a general principle, I follow and support the notions of the Free Software Movement, formally founded by Richard Stallman upon launching the GNU Project in 1983. I would like to expand upon and build on these notions and principles by personally proclaiming that I believe each and every discovery made by humanity— not limited to software and computing, rather, applying to all fields of innovation and technology— should be documented, “open-sourced”, and freely accessible to all.

The goal of my website is to experiment with things and share my discoveries with the world. I dabble in technology such as computer systems, programming, automation technologies, experimental manufacturing with 3D printing, circuit design, laser cutting, and so much more.

I built this website with the goals of helping and sharing in mind. I hope whatever information I’m able to provide may be used by whomever else may need or benefit from it. If anything I share is helpful or useful, please forward the information along as it suits your (or anybody else’s) need.

I am reachable via my email, cal@calhoward.com. Please also follow links to my socials, as listed on this website as well. I love hearing from other experimenters.

That’s all for now. I’m excited to document and upload all of my findings that I think might be useful to other people. If you’re reading this, whatever you do, do this: Don’t stop learning, creating, innovating. Makers, creators, movers and shakers are our hope of survival.

Do good things,

— Cal

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.